Exchange OKCoin reminiscent of the danger of doubt Bitcoin investments

Leading Chinese Bitcoin-Exchange OKCoin does not rule out that the observed recent decline in activity on the trading floors can be directly connected with the activity of online fraud involving clients in various pyramid schemes.

Earlier this month, the price of Bitcoin has risen dramatically, quite a bit short of the $ 500, but then went back down, and at the moment cryptocurrency traded at around $ 320. This behavior Bitcoin and led to a significant decrease in activity on the major exchanges, including the OKCoin, which recorded an almost twofold reduction in trade volumes.

And as the Chinese company suspected observed events can be caused by sharply increased activity of so-called Ponzi schemes or HYIP - sites offering high-yield investments. One of these sites, which in recent weeks has been focused attention of the world press, has become bitcoin pyramid MMM Global notorious Sergei Mavrodi.

According Altfreda Lina OKCoin partner for corporate development, such "projects", promising the prospect of rapid enrichment, primarily aimed at Chinese investors and traders. In turn, this is also reflected in the recent events around Bitcoin.

"Recently there have been a variety of pyramid schemes, mainly aimed at the Chinese people. Initially, this led to an increase in activity on the stock exchanges, however, I suspect, I am now the activities of these pyramids began to decline, causing also a decrease in trading activity, "- said in an interview with Lin newsBTC.

"We have received signals dubious" investment ". It may be a Ponzi scheme, and their main goal - to leave you without your bitcoins. Please be careful when making investment decisions, and always check the legitimacy of both the supply and those who are making you an offer. "