Bitwage provided API payroll, added bank cards support

Bitcoin startups Bitwage, offers employers the opportunity to remunerate their employees in cryptocurrency, announced the release of API for the integration of the proposed solutions. Also it was added the ability to transfer the wages of employees on credit cards.

With Bitwage platform, employers are able to pay the salaries of its employees in the Bitcoin no mandatory binding bank account. This model is particularly suitable for those who regularly interacts with freelancers in other countries, while the employees can receive the money in their national currency.

In a statement, published in the company's official blog, the Bitwage founder and president Jonathan Chester said:

"Thanks to the API issued by the Company will be able to integrate the entire spectrum of solutions offered Bitwage. This includes all available methods of obtaining funds, the option of mass payments, as well as full integration with all our payment partners. "

According to Chester, API Bitwage has been successfully tested by various partners of the company, as well as in a series of Hackathon.

The first company, which has already integrated API Bitwage, began service Hubstaff, which allows employers to keep records and control of working hours of their employees. Compensation is possible both from the calculation of hours spent on tasks, and on the basis of a fixed weekly or monthly salary.

At the same time in Bitwage reported adding bank card support, which allows recipients of funds greater choice when selecting a method of payment.

According to Chester, this option was implemented after numerous requests of customers, but to date has a standard monthly limit of $ 500. The name of the acquiring company's head Bitwage, however, did not name, saying only that negotiations were conducted with several potential partners.

In December 2015 Bitwage announced the closure of the first round of funding in the amount of $ 760 000. The main investors were the French telecommunications giant Orange and venture fund Draper Associates.